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If you give donors a great experience, they will give more and give for longer

By Giles Pegram • July 6, 2017

This, in my view, is self-evident.
Launched earlier this week, The Commission on the Donor Experience is based on this premise. Its 28 detailed reports are available free online. I hope everyone in the sector will at least read the 6Ps document, the summary of the project summaries, for that sets …

Fundraising AT people is all wrong. Here’s why.

By Giles Pegram • April 3, 2017

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The basic problem with much of fundraising today is that we fundraise AT people.
Should we start by thinking of donors as existing to meet the charity’s needs? Or should we start by thinking about donors’ needs and aspirations? (And if we do, there’s every reason to believe we’ll raise more for …

Has fundraising moved forwards, or backwards, in the last 50 years? And where next?

By Giles Pegram • February 22, 2017

Harold photo

Let me start with a short eulogy, then quote some of what I, and many others, believe are the wisest words ever said about fundraising, before leaving you with a question: How much of this is relevant now?
November 2016 marked the centenary of Harold Sumption’s birth. Harold was, without doubt, …

Are we managing a fundraising decline? Only if we let ourselves.

By Giles Pegram • November 10, 2016

“The Daily Mail is not inherently anti fundraising”, I recently and naively posted on a chat forum on Facebook.   The response was vigorous, and almost universally in disagreement.   I stand corrected.   But some of the language surprised me.
“Fundraising is currently being subjected to a concerted ideological attack by the state, …

A Brief History of Fundraising

By Giles Pegram • May 9, 2016

Once upon a time there was a need. A number of people recognised it and wanted to do something about it. They knew this would involve them giving money. That wasn’t a problem.
They needed to be organised, so they set up an office. An organisation. The government had decided that …

The Joy of Giving

By Giles Pegram • February 29, 2016

In 1960 a 10 year old boy started a school newspaper, helped by some friends. He and his friends sold it in the playground for a penny a copy. They sold 100, and went on to produce it monthly. Buoyed by their success, the boy organised a jumble sale in …

The price we pay for losing sight of the donor

By Giles Pegram • October 1, 2015

I have been somewhat dismayed at the flood of criticisms that are now threatening to engulf our great profession. In my fifty years of fundraising, I have never seen anything like it.
First, the sad death of Mrs Olive Cooke, last May. All the evidence is that she didn’t commit suicide …

Upgrading: Ignore at your peril

By Giles Pegram • August 25, 2015

You are writing about upgrading, cross selling and cash gifts.  Why these three?
I covered retention separately in my two blogs (here and here) on relationship fundraising and (here) on recruitment.  These three are the other drivers of monthly regular income.
Presumably the activity that will make the biggest impact is upgrading?

Absolutely, …

How to ‘WOW’ your trustees by reducing your ROI

By Giles Pegram • June 11, 2015

So what’s the problem?
Income – expenditure = profit.   This is one of the fundamentals for anyone in business.   However, when these same business people come into a charity’s trustees meeting, profit, or net income as we fundraisers would call it, goes out of the window.   What matters is increasing income …

If you want more money, stop asking for it!

By Giles Pegram • May 18, 2015

You can’t do that.
 Last week, Olive Cooke killed herself by jumping off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol UK. The Coroner has not yet established the cause of death, but her family has suggested that she simply couldn’t afford to give to the hundreds of appeals that she received. The …

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