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We’ll only excel if we evangelise

By Georgia Bridgwood • November 17, 2014

A few weeks ago a stranger told me something that made me feel truly sad for an entire afternoon.
I was at a charity marketing seminar. Presentation topics were things like: how to meaningfully calculate lifetime value, how to manage your brand’s reputation using social media, and web design that can …

What I Learned At #IWITOT

By Georgia Bridgwood • September 25, 2014

On 15 September SOFII held a half-day conference called ‘I Wish I Thought of That’ in partnership with Open Fundraising. The event consists of twenty quick-fire presentations by colleagues from across the sector speaking about great fundraising campaigns that they wish they’d thought of, and why.
You can watch some …

4 things we need to learn from the #nomakeupselfie phenomenon

By Georgia Bridgwood • June 16, 2014

Part 1. Successful mass participation relies on behavioural insight
I’m sure you’re aware of campaigns that started with the intention of “going viral”; if you haven’t worked on one. I know I have. It never works.
They fail because they try to force-feed the public with a key message, or get people …

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