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It’s all about the money, it’s all about the briefings!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • March 6, 2014

A few months ago I was approached by a door-to-door fundraiser. It was dark, it was cold, and it was raining. The fundraiser, not bothered by these circumstances at all, told me a beautiful story about the charity he worked for. I believed him and decided to become a donor. …

Be nice, it’s your job!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • November 11, 2013

For years I raised funds from major donors and legacy donors. “Relationship manager” my card said. I raised money and made friends. I still remember the personal stories donors told me, their motives to donate, and the name of their pet. They remember me too, because I still get postcards, …

Back to the future for BHAGs

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • June 6, 2013

In search of the perfect case for support and tagline for fundraising campaigns, I spoke to someone with a great deal of marketing expertise. He introduced me to the term ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’, or ‘BHAG’ for insiders.
Big hairy whát?
According to Wikipedia, a Big Hairy Audacious Goal is: ’a strategic …

Partnerships bring out the allround fundraiser in you!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • November 12, 2012

One week before I had my first day at work at the Cancer Center Amsterdam of VUmc in April this year, my new colleague mailed me with very good news: TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) was going to support our cancer research and chose VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam (VUmc CCA) to …

Donate! It’s proven to make you happy!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • June 21, 2012

Some weeks ago I was at a party, with lots of new people to meet. It was a very nice party: we watched football on a big screen, had a barbecue, and kids were playing in the garden. I started talking to a lady I’ve never met before, and of …

Geven maakt (wetenschappelijk bewezen) gelukkig!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • June 21, 2012

Enige weken geleden was ik op een feestje waar ik de helft van de mensen nog niet kende.  Het was een leuk feestje, met voetbal via een beamer en een barbecue. Ik raakte in gesprek met iemand die me vroeg wat ik voor werk deed. Deze vraag beantwoord ik meestal …

De meest kansrijke erflater vindt u hier!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • February 13, 2012

‘De typische erflater: Een alleenstaande vrouw van ongeveer tachtig jaar zonder kinderen. Het laatste testament is een paar jaar oud en in dit testament staat, meestal samen met een aantal andere doelen, jouw organisatie opgenomen. Voorwaarde om in het testament genoemd te worden is uiteraard wel dat de potentiële erflater …

How saying No to a donor can end up in a legacy pledge

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • December 12, 2011

As a relationship manager special gifts, I speak to a lot of donors about including Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) in their last will. Not only do donors want to know what difference their gift will make in the lives of people that urgently need medical aid, victims of war and …

How to find your inner Richard Radcliffe!

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • August 29, 2011

People who have had the pleasure to listen to Richard Radcliffe’s inspiring and challenging presentations on legacy fundraising, may have had the same thought as I’ve had after meeting him: ‘How on earth can I get as experienced as he is and make legacy fundraising feel like a walk in …

Back to where it started: getting your leaders involved

By Elsbeth Takkenberg • June 20, 2011

While in the good old days the MT and board members brought in the big money, knew all of their major donors and took care of their needs, nowadays major donors are mostly the responsibility of a fundraiser. And often this job is just one of the things he or …

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