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Four fundraising scenarios. What would you do?

By Anita de Ruijter • March 10, 2014

Nothing sharpens your decision-making prowess quite like establishing a new fundraising operation, with the heart-thumping expectation of growing income quickly. Opportunities abound but how do you make the best of them? Anita de Ruijter outlines four scenarios. What would you do? Comments please!

Anyone know your 3 month retention rate?

By Anita de Ruijter • September 23, 2013

In my first blog ‘Simple Retention Calculation that packs a powerful punch’ I talked about the importance of setting targets that will lead you to grow your supporter base and suggested a way to set those calculations.  In this blog I am focusing on the importance of having the right …

A simple retention calculation packs a powerful punch

By Anita de Ruijter • July 8, 2013

In my experience, often in fundraising departments no-one actually has the word retention in their job title. Not so for acquisition.  Retention often hides behind the skirts of other programs.  It’s hinted at in words like “direct marketing”, “special appeals”, “supporter services”, “donor communications”.
It’s symptomatic of our approach to retention.  …

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