We really should…

The Dutch fundraising landscape has changed a lot over the past few years. For decades fundraising was an activity exclusively of charities, charitable organisations that are formed for charitable purposes. But these traditional charities encounter totally different parties on the fundraising field: non-profit organisations not being charities; let’s call them non-traditional fundraising organisations,  from musea to universities, from orchestras to sportsclubs, from hospitals to schools.

Fundraising departments of traditional charities differ a lot from fundraising departments in non-traditional fundraising organisations. Usually charities have specialised staff for specific fundraising programmes (DM, TM, Legacies, Events etc.), while the newcomers have all-round fundraisers on board to kick-off their fundraising programmes,  most of them being pioneers in environments where fundraising is not part of the core-business of the organisation. It is interesting to see the speed of this trend, the amount of organisations entering the Dutch fundraising arena and the way professionals deal with this trend.