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mannetjes-transparante-achtergrond Two fundraisers walk into a bar. “Buy me a drink?” says one. “I can’t,” says the other. “I’ve spent all my money on email and hosting.”    

We are exaggerating a bit, but…

101fundraising is a volunteer initiative. Due to our success – because of our fantastic bloggers and readership – we need more resources are needed for things like, well, hosting and email services. So we need your support!

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Ever since launching in early 2011, the 101fundraising team has funded everything from our own resources. And we were happy to do so! But 101fundraising is bigger now, and, since we are a crowdblog, we’d like to ask you and all our readers all over the world: Keep 101fundraising up and running! Please consider a donation…

With your support we can continue to publish global insights from the world’s best and most thoughtful fundraisers. We deliver the content, and you get inspired!

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Still not sure why to give? Check out the video below with special appearances from some of our top bloggers: Karen Osborne, Alan Clayton, Ken Burnett, Charlie Hulme, Matthew Sherrington and Vera Peerdeman! And yes, that is Tom Ahern singing…  Thanks a million!!


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