SOFII, the showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration,  is an easily accessible free online archive of the best fundraising creativity and innovation from around the world. SOFII is safeguarding our fundraising history and constantly adding new initiatives as appropriate.

SOFIIGetting great content out there to all fundraisers is SOFII’s mission of course, and not surprisingly it’s 101fundraising’s mission too. So, from now on we’re working together!

Together, we can improve on both SOFII’s and 101fundraising’s value and usefulness to fundraisers around the world by providing a permanent dedicated archive of the best blogs from 101fundraising: SOFII’s best of 101fundraising.

SOFII will put the top ten 101fundraising blogs from each year starting with 2011 (our first full year of operation). SOFII will also add in their own special favourites of 101fundraising blogs – articles chosen by the SOFII editors because they are unusual, quirky, illuminating or specially well written.

See the first blogs in SOFII’s best of 101fundraising here.