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Donating with a Tweet

By Graeme Russell • July 14, 2011

Often we see something like “Please donate a tweet a day to help …. “ followed by a link to a site where people have to sign-in with their twitter details, or give it permission to access their twitter account.
Often though organisations don’t explain how the ‘donated’ tweet helps, they …

10 more things you can learn from Obama

By Erik van Dorp • June 6, 2011

For many years I have been a big fan of e-mail. It is convenient, it’s fast, it’s cheap and, if used well, can raise funds for your charity. And, what you probably didn’t know it can also create involvement with your target audience, as I will show you in this …

8 lessons for online fundraising

By Corinne Bekker • April 27, 2011

Lessons from the Wikipedia year end fundraiser
We have read a few blog posts so far, in which the issue was raised whether online fundraising is just a hype. Some remarks were quite skeptical. In this blog post I want to tell the story of one major online fundraising success: the …

Communication and Fundraising, the never ending story…

By Julie Verhaar • February 24, 2011

The past 2 ½ years I travelled to different countries and met lots of people engaged in a wide range of fundraising activities and campaigns. Despite the obvious differences in ‘couleur locale’, it always struck me that fundraisers are struggling with the same questions and problems, if it is in …

Alphonse move over! Here’s the donation button!

By Victor van der Veen • February 14, 2011

Have you met Alphonse? At presentations perhaps? Seminars? Maybe he has even been to your office! For those who do not know Alphonse (by exeptbasses), please watch this short clip:

Alphonse, aan de kant! Hier komt de donatie knop!

By Victor van der Veen • February 14, 2011

Heeft u Alphonse al ontmoet? Bij presentaties? Vakdagen? Of misschien is hij al bij u op kantoor geweest! Voor degene die hem niet kennen, (door exeptbasses) een filmpje: