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Announcing: Top 20 Peer-to-Peer Events in the Netherlands

By Jillian Stewart • April 28, 2015

Inspired by the “Day of Philanthropy” presented by the VU University of Amsterdam last week on the status of the philanthropy in the Netherlands, we decided it was a good time to release our report about the state of Dutch peer-to-peer fundraising events and reveal the list of the Top …

Brilliant model for brilliant proposals for brilliant target groups!

By Gerbren Deves • April 2, 2015

Having trouble framing the right case for support for specific donors? Do all your proposals address roughly the same issues? Are all your proposals aimed at roughly the same target group? Are you looking to target a new type of donor? Are you looking for inspiration in framing your case …

What fundraisers can learn from how activists are using mobile to organise

By Paul de Gregorio • March 26, 2015

No one can doubt that the mobile phone is now a firmly established fundraising tool.
As a sector we’re taking full advantage of the opportunity. Text to donate asks appear on trains, the tube, the back of washroom doors and are central to telethons like CRUK’s Stand Up To Cancer. Recently …