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Will you help make 2016 the year of the donor?

By Richard Spencer • January 14, 2016

The year just passed will probably get, and deserve, some colourful descriptors from fundraisers, most of them uncomplimentary. In Britain particularly it was uncomfortable, to say the least. But as the year ended a number of encouraging signs were emerging that point towards some real potential for 2016 to be …

Four simple (but difficult) questions …

By Alan Clayton • December 7, 2015

… and one simple answer.
The greatest fundraisers asked and answered only four questions, repeatedly, for a long time. These questions are:
1. How do we make our proposition even better?
2. How do we improve our investment strategies?
3. How do we deliver these through other people?
4. How do we keep ourselves inspired?
We …

Three Types of Major Gift Karma – Are you taking advantage of all three?

By Karen Osborne • November 19, 2015

Pay it Forward
I landed my first job in fundraising as an unprepared novice with big responsibilities and a bottom line to achieve. For the past seven years, I’d been home raising two children, doing volunteer work and finishing my college degree. I never heard of the fundraising profession. Yet they …

Fundraising ethics

By Ian MacQuillin • November 16, 2015

Think of some things that you would consider unethical for a fundraiser to do.
You probably came up with stuff such as putting pressure on donors, making them feel guilty, targeting vulnerable people, using shock advertising that doesn’t respect the dignity of beneficiaries, and not spending money on the purpose the …

Interviewing for a job? Be prepared to answer these questions.

By Joe Matassino • November 9, 2015

A lot happens in one year…
In 2014, I posted an article on the Top 5 Questions fundraisers should be asking in a job interview. Not realizing, at the time, I would get to put my words into action…many times over. Questions like:

Does the organization have a development plan?
How involved is …

Your Inner Fundraising Voice

By Fundraising Yoda • November 3, 2015

~Numerous Jedi Masters have translated this post from Yoda’s unique way of speaking to improve reading ease.~
There is much Dark Side fundraising being done in our sector. Yet no one fundraiser is to blame. Yoda does not know of any fundraiser who is hurting the sector on purpose. Fundraisers are …

Four Things from #IFC2015 That Will Help You be a Better Fundraiser

By Rory Green • October 29, 2015

The Resource Alliance’s International Fundraising Congress is hands down the best investment a fundraiser can make in their career and themselves. Every year, some of the best minds in fundraising gather in Noordwijk to elevate the sector. I had the privilege of attending this year and I came away with …

Look Outside

By Tony Elischer • October 15, 2015

One of my long term mantra’s has been to ‘use windows, not mirrors’, a simple way of reminding myself that truly to move forward, be in line with the market place and to have any hope of innovating, you have to focus on the outside world and not the internal …

The Diversity Crisis: Do Nonprofits Need Quotas?

By Rory Green • October 6, 2015

Look at your board and your leadership team…
How many are men?
How many are over 50?
How many are white?
If the answer is: “most of them” – you are leaving money on the table. Lots of money.
What if I told you that you are missing out on fundraising revenue by …

What Training for a Marathon taught me about Fundraising (and vice versa)

By Jack Ryan • June 29, 2015

Last year I became an accidental marathoner.
I entered the New Year as a recently quit ex-smoker and instead of simply getting rid of the cigarettes I decided to put something into the vacuum they left and do something with the newfound airspace in my lungs – so I started putting one foot …