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5 ways to build a positive culture at your organisation

By Kesheyl van Schilt • June 15, 2017


I’m often asked how I created our culture at Blakely. I should probably take it as a compliment (since it’s usually a positive reference!), but I actually find it a perplexing question. I certainly didn’t do it alone, and every team member old and new helps to protect it and …

Stop trying to attract great applicants with boring job adverts

By Michelle Stein • June 8, 2017


It always strikes me as such a paradox: Those of us working in the charity sector find our jobs inspiring, meaningful and transformative. And yet, we as a sector struggle to attract high-calibre individuals to fill fundraising roles. How can this discrepancy exist?
While there are lots of potential answers …

A message of hope and gratitude

By Meg Gardner • June 5, 2017


Over the weekend came news of the attacks that took place at London Bridge and Borough Market, where terrorists eschewed bombs and guns but used knives and a van to kill seven people and injure scores of others. The attacks came close on the heels of the bombing at a …

Give donors the respect they deserve

By Reinier Spruit • June 1, 2017

Many fundraisers are aware of relationship fundraising. Ken Burnett’s famous book Relationship Fundraising has opened many eyes over the last 25 years. There aren’t many fundraisers who haven’t read this book. However, its vision and core message have never been fully implemented in our sector.
The central theme in Burnett’s work …

Global best practice grant-seeking

By Jo Garner • May 29, 2017


The question of grants success rate is a common one, universally. The fact is, no matter where you are working from, whether a grant application is successful or unsuccessful is not generally dependent on one contributing factor. It relies on a combination of all the elements of best practice grant-seeking …

The ABCD of an Asian philanthropist’s journey

By Usha Menon • May 23, 2017


Based on what I see as the evolution of giving habits within the high-net worth families in Asia, here are the four categories of philanthropists I have worked with:
Usually the patriarch of the business family, who has seen poverty and life struggles during his early days, either as a migrant …

Do-gooders take note: Capitalism is your friend!

By Paul Vanags • May 19, 2017


Charities should be less squeamish and see private sector as an agent of change, not the enemy.
There’s a distrust of business, big business in particular, that I’ve experienced in my time in the “for good” sector that has always slightly puzzled me. It’s not that charity-private sector collaborations don’t exist; they …

I am bored to death. Are you dying to be different?

By Richard Radcliffe • May 15, 2017


Is this a tasteless headline or attention grabbing?  Does it matter if it’s tasteless?
Let’s get legacy giving noticed
How many legacy campaigns are noticed? In focus groups it is truly frightening to discover that most legacy articles, posters, leaflets and even bookmarks go unnoticed.
There are two reasons for this message …

Intermediaries in an entirely new ecosystem of supply and demand

By Bill Toliver • May 11, 2017


I have been having one of those ongoing conversations with Atallah Kuttab, the founder of Saaned, an organization devoted to growing philanthropy in the Middle East. In addition to being a charming person, I find him to be an outstanding thinker in the area of philanthropy, fundraising and, most importantly, …

The future of fundraising

By Colin Habberton • May 8, 2017


Despite humanity’s best efforts, through technology or divination, we are yet to master the art of forecasting the future. This article has no ambition to improve on that record. The commentary to follow is a reflection on the changes taking place around us today – social, environmental and ethical. Its …