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The future of fundraising

By Colin Habberton • May 8, 2017


Despite humanity’s best efforts, through technology or divination, we are yet to master the art of forecasting the future. This article has no ambition to improve on that record. The commentary to follow is a reflection on the changes taking place around us today – social, environmental and ethical. Its …

The joy of giving — and what it means to fundraisers: An interview with author and philanthropy advisor Jenny Santi

By Meg Gardner • May 4, 2017


Jenny Santi is a philanthropy advisor to some of the world’s most generous givers, celebrity activists, and leading financial institutions in Europe and Asia, helping them channel their wealth, power and search for meaning toward social good. She also is the author of the acclaimed book, “The Giving Way to …

Go out of business, talk to a kindergartner and other steps for getting to WHY 

By Jocelyn Harmon • April 27, 2017


Budweiser is bringing friends together. Chevy is keeping America rolling. And we’re all trying to keep up with the Kardashians.
For-profit brands just get it. Driving big sales is all about telling us on the most visceral level WHY we can’t live without them.
It’s no different for nonprofits.
If I’m going to …

Building an effective supporter services function

By Beccy Murrell • April 25, 2017

For far too long, supporter services teams were considered to be a mere “back office” function, perhaps an extension of the individual giving department, and consigned to processing and administration.
But a major transformation of that outdated image has been under way, as organisations prioritise supporter engagement and adopt a greater …

The physics of cultural transformation

By Bill Toliver • April 20, 2017


While my work is focused almost entirely on helping social impact organizations create cultural transformation, it’s surprising how much comfort and insight can be found in the fundamental laws of physics that I learned in the early years of my engineering education.
For example, it is compelling to think about how …

Why fundraising is so hard, and how ‘why’ can make it easier

By Charlie Hulme • April 18, 2017

Olive mailings

May 2015 was a watershed month for our sector. The tragic death of Olive Cooke, and the subsequent media mauling, forced us (or at least some of us) to re-examine our “best” practise.
In the midst of the chaos, conscientious fundraisers gathered to try and make sense of what was …

4 simple steps toward retention, loyalty and better donor experience

By Rachel Hunnybun • April 13, 2017

rachel 1

Anyone who knows me, or has seen me speak at conferences, will probably be aware of my ongoing love/hate relationship with Audi. I feel the same way about a visit to the garage as I do about going to the dentist – it’s not something I look forward to, tends …

The five Rs of supporter-focused fundraising communications – any questions?

By Matthew Sherrington • April 10, 2017


I recently had the chance to join a couple of The Resource Alliance’s IFC Pop-up conferences in South Africa to discuss putting your supporter at the heart of your fundraising communications. (By Skype, I hasten to add, joining for a live Q&A after the video of my IFC session). These …

‘Opt in’ will be bad for donors and very bad for the causes they support

By Ken Burnett • April 6, 2017


It should be resisted, vigorously and comprehensively. Here’s why.
I’m no enthusiast for small print or screeds of regulations. Put the two together and I quickly lose the will to live. So, my response to the UK Information Commissioner’s recent request for consultation on its latest round of draft regulations is …

Fundraising AT people is all wrong. Here’s why.

By Giles Pegram • April 3, 2017

Blog April2017. 1

The basic problem with much of fundraising today is that we fundraise AT people.
Should we start by thinking of donors as existing to meet the charity’s needs? Or should we start by thinking about donors’ needs and aspirations? (And if we do, there’s every reason to believe we’ll raise more for …