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Resourcing out-of-hours social media

By Kirsty Marrins • March 20, 2017


When I wrote about how charities are missing out on valuable conversations on Twitter that take place out of hours and that they need to be flexible when it comes to managing their social media accounts, what I didn’t address was how exactly charities should be doing this.
I didn’t address …

Video: Innovative social entrepreneur talks about collaboration

By Meg Gardner • March 16, 2017

Aliza "Alice" Napartivaumnuay, Socialgiver

No doubt, the power of consumer spending is undeniable. Aliza “Alice” Napartivaumnuay, co-founder of Socialgiver, has harnessed that power to create a movement to support social change around the world. Socialgiver is an online giving ecosystem that sells products and services from leading brands at exclusive rates. When consumers spend …

Is there plenty of room on your fundraising island?

By Marc Pitman • March 13, 2017


A while back, Seth Godin wrote about there being plenty of room on the island. He observed that authors regularly recommend other authors even though an MBA program would call them “competitors.” It’s a great reminder that most of life is not a zero sum game.
Competition isn’t really competition
A new …

Hail the all-powerful Rock!

By Bill Toliver • March 9, 2017


When I was a kid I had the fortune to grow up in the deserts of the Middle East. A place that was brilliantly interesting, but not particularly hospitable to life — especially the life of a pasty white kid.
While living there I became a bit of a student of …

Arm(adillo) yourself to engage with donors

By Meg Gardner • March 6, 2017


I made eye contact with an armadillo the other day. Well, I was staring at it, and I admit it might have been folly to think it was doing anything more than looking past me and thinking about whatever it is armadillos think about. Despite living in the deep south …

Walking a tight rope well: 5 ways progressive nonprofits can use risk management to succeed in uncertain times

By Jocelyn Harmon • March 2, 2017


“Organizations face internal and external actors and influences that make it uncertain whether, when, and the extent to which they will achieve or exceed their objectives. The effect this uncertainty has on the organization’s objectives is risk.”
Like it or not, the year ahead will be risky for all nonprofits with …

Do something different and try something… old!

By Sarah Carter • February 27, 2017


It’s not easy being a fundraiser at the best of times. But in the current market, the pressures and expectations on fundraising organisations can have a huge impact on our workforce at all levels. What can charities do to help ease the burden and ensure a more positive working culture?
Alongside …

Has fundraising moved forwards, or backwards, in the last 50 years? And where next?

By Giles Pegram • February 22, 2017

Harold photo

Let me start with a short eulogy, then quote some of what I, and many others, believe are the wisest words ever said about fundraising, before leaving you with a question: How much of this is relevant now?
November 2016 marked the centenary of Harold Sumption’s birth. Harold was, without doubt, …

NEW research on fundraiser-donor relationships: What part of ‘broken’ don’t we understand?

By Paul Vanags • February 20, 2017

blog 1

A new piece of research from Birkbeck/LSE highlights major issues with the “broken” contract between donor and humanitarian NGOs such as Oxfam, Save the Children and others. It asks big questions of fundraisers and calls into question the whole basis of our relationship with the public and with our supporters. …

Resource mobilisation: the two most thrilling words I know

By Derek Humphries • February 15, 2017

Goonj image

In an age of snappy slogans, it can be good to remind ourselves that the thrill of words should come from their meaning and not from their sound-bite superficiality.
This was brought home to me last month when I was in Delhi, India, as a volunteer organiser and speaker at The …