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Thinking of investing in segmentation? Be careful of these common and costly mistakes

By Charlie Hulme • November 13, 2017

DV results

Fundraising has never been easy. But it’s never been this hard. So, in an effort to fix the acquisition and retention problem, the sector’s looking for new/better ways to profile and segment prospects and supporters. But (with a handful of exceptions that I’ll share in the next post) no one’s …

What dirty tricks lie in wait for your fundraising behind these doors?

By Meg Gardner • October 30, 2017

Monster Popcorn Balls 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween! And while I know that it’s celebrated differently and has different origins and meanings throughout the world (where it’s even celebrated at all), I’m here in the US, and here it’s a whole lot about trick-or-treating. So let’s knock on a …

The 4 best ways to find new prospects for your non-profit

By Joe Garecht • October 18, 2017


Prospects are the lifeblood of your non-profits fundraising program. Without a steady stream of new donor prospects, your non-profit will not be able to raise the money it needs to thrive. Yet, when it comes to prospecting, many organizations try far too many strategies, never able to focus on the …

Fundraisers: Stop being oil & water. Be gin & tonic instead

By Maeve Strathy • October 16, 2017

gin and tonic

Imagine this:
You (a fundraiser) go into a meeting with marketing and they have a BIG IDEA. It’s a good one.
And then they say, “You can fundraise with this, right?”
This is not what we would call integration of marketing and fundraising – not at all. Sometimes trying to get marketing and …

Are you ready for some Major Giving Bullsh*t Bingo?

By Jan Uekermann • October 5, 2017


The potential for large gifts is huge in almost all types and sizes of organisation. But too often, the program is never allowed to reach it’s full potential. Here’s why.
Lack of institutional readiness
The problem is that in an estimated eight out of ten cases, internal people and obstacles prevent success. …

The day Mr. Toilet changed my life

By Sophia Story • October 2, 2017


IFC Asia, which took place in Bangkok in June, was my first IFC, full stop. Now, I’m not what you’d consider your typical fundraiser. In fact, there were many moments I felt a bit of a fraud as I don’t work at a “charity”. But if I took one thing …

There is no ‘average conversion rate’

By Beate Sorum • September 28, 2017

A question that I get asked all the time is, “What is the average conversion rate on a non-profit website?”.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve had this discussion. And my view is always the same — there is no such thing! I get it, the wish for a …

Technology is changing how people give after a disaster

By Steve MacLaughlin • September 25, 2017


The recent response to the hurricanes that have caused such devastation in the US and the Caribbean is a reminder of the role charitable giving plays in disaster response efforts. Individuals responding to the needs of others is not new, but how people give is changing in many ways. Surprise …

Blue Ocean Strategy: Identifying your 3 tiers of non-supporters

By Alan Hutson • September 21, 2017

blue ocean

Blue Ocean strategy captured the imagination of the for-profit world almost as soon as the book of the same name by W. Chan Kim and Rene Mauborgne was first published in 2005. An expanded edition was republished in 2015. The book offers a framework and set of tools designed to …

Why it’s almost impossible to fix your stubborn fundraising problems

By Charlie Hulme • September 14, 2017


Every charity has its own stubborn fundraising problem – one it’s never been able to solve. What’s yours? Perhaps it’s:

All channels: falling response rates?
DM: a struggling banker pack?
F2F/D2D/private site: low engagement?
Cash: second gift rate consistently low?
Online: poor open and click rates?
TM: high hard no rates?

The list could go on indefinitely. …