101fundraising archive of IFC-2014

Are we asking for the right things?

By Tobin Aldrich • August 27, 2014

We all know what we want from companies, right? Cash, lots of it, for our fabulous and vital work. And because just about every charity in the world (apart from the likes of Greenpeace who are too pure to sully themselves in this way…) is wanting corporate $$, we charities …

Fundraisers need to ask themselves why, at least five times each day

By Giles Pegram • August 25, 2014

It is 22 years since Ken Burnett published the seminal book “Relationship Fundraising”.  Everyone claims to have read it.  Most people now call themselves a relationship fundraiser, yet almost no-one is actually implementing the core ideas in Ken’s book.  Why?
Professor Adrian Sargeant has proved beyond doubt that relationship fundraising increases …

Let’s go global…there’s gold in them hills

By Daryl Upsall • August 21, 2014

How many Fundraising Directors of national charities that have international programmes have been challenged by their CEO or board member to go out and raise funds in countries where their non-profit spends its money? How many times have moderately well informed (they have read the Economist) charity leaders asked why …

Everything that is wrong with our retention programmes and how to put them right

By Charlie Hulme • August 18, 2014

Is anyone’s loyalty programme actually working (and, just to clarify, I’m using the more traditional definition of ‘working’ as you used to lose loads of donors but now you don’t)?
I’ve never met anyone (who wasn’t selling such a programme) who could answer ‘yes’. But that doesn’t stop us squandering enormous amounts …