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Make Poverty History Lesson: what can it teach us 10 years on?

By Tony Charalambides • March 19, 2015

You probably remember it much as I do: the white wristbands, the star-studded Live8 concert, the remarkable celebrity ‘finger click’ ads, Blair and Brown and the G8 summit engaged and involved. And all of it geared to one heartfelt plea: Make Poverty History.
In the campaign’s own words that meant: ‘trade …

Gloves Off??

By Tony Elischer • February 26, 2015

Where are all the challengers? The agitators? The objectors? The realists?
The more sophisticated and developed our Sector becomes the more people seem happy to stay in line or fall into line. We seem to be growing a Sector that likes a quiet life, likes to ‘play it safe’ and makes …

The Victories and Challenges of Small Shop Fundraising

By Josh Bowman, CFRE • February 2, 2015

I have worked for a few “small shops” in my career. Each organization had its own quirky, wonderful, and bizarre challenges and victories.
I worked for a theatre in a building so old that the bricks on the outside were literally crumbling onto the street. I consulted for an arts space …

Are You Addicted to Acquisition (AA)?

By Ece Ünver • January 26, 2015

“Hi, I am fundraiser and I’m addicted to acquisition.”
Dear fundraiser, let’s start our day by admitting our addiction. We’re all obsessed with the idea of “new”: our new fundraising campaign, testing crowd-funding, creating best call to actions to attract prospects. Our final campaign was cutting edge; we achieved raising more …

Does being donor-focused have to mean giving donors choice?

By Matthew Sherrington • January 12, 2015

Give donors more choice over where their money goes. It sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? If we want to be supporter-focused, and help them feel genuinely close to the mission, why wouldn’t we let supporters direct their funding? And isn’t crowd-funding such a great idea to enable that?
Well, offering …

The Annual Lectures 2014: Highlights and Recurring Themes

By Chris Washington-Sare • December 8, 2014

With 2014 drawing to a close, for many of us thoughts turn to what 2015 has in store. It’s an ideal time to get inspiration from some of the fundraising industry’s brightest brains. And what better place to do this than at the Revolutionise Annual Lectures.
18 speakers in 8 hours …

How to get your director to love you

By Hanneke Propitius • December 1, 2014

Let’s presume you have this great innovative idea for recruiting new donors and there is just one hurdle to overcome: a ‘final go’ on the extra budget from your director or management team. For some of us, this is a piece of cake. Your director understands fundraising, sees it as …

Give or get out…of the profession that is!

By Daryl Upsall • November 20, 2014

I used to love the titles given to the IFC opening and closing CEO speeches at the IFC by my hero and fundraising guru and friend, George Smith. They were simply “Rant 1” and “Rant 2”. Though I will never achieve the wordy heights achieved by George here is my …

We’ll only excel if we evangelise

By Georgia Bridgwood • November 17, 2014

A few weeks ago a stranger told me something that made me feel truly sad for an entire afternoon.
I was at a charity marketing seminar. Presentation topics were things like: how to meaningfully calculate lifetime value, how to manage your brand’s reputation using social media, and web design that can …

A Crisis in the making

By Tony Elischer • October 13, 2014

Not going to IFC? See details below this post to watch Tony and Rory’s presentation via webinar!
With the emergence from recession of many countries (albeit slow and staggering for some) and many markets announcing reasonable steady growth in voluntary income, it may seem that the not-for-profit sector is in a …