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Fishing for P2P Fundraisers

By Jillian Stewart • April 28, 2016

As professional fundraisers we often feel like fishermen. We dangle our best case messaging like bait over a pool of potential donors and wait patiently (or not so patiently) until they take it and make a gift.
But when it comes to peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising, the fishing becomes even more challenging. …

How to Activate Your Community to Become Fundraisers for Your Organization

By Simona Lazeu • April 5, 2016

Fundraising is by no means an easy task! Charities of all sizes constantly strive to increase the amount of annual donations, and raise awareness about their cause. And now, peer-to-peer fundraising is helping nonprofits towards both of these goals like never before. But can we stimulate this fundraising channel even …

Action without thought is labour lost!

By Usha Menon • August 6, 2015

Evaluating activity v/s  performance  
In my last post ,  I  shared my insights on the importance  of making Optimism an actvity (yes! not just an attitude) to impact fundraising performance.  In this post, I want to focus on the negative  impact of ‘activity ’ on fundraising performance.
I was called in …

Peer-to-peer: fundraising without borders

By Rebecca Davies • May 14, 2015

With a young family, my wife and I decided we couldn’t support Ebola in the field by me going to West Africa, so she suggested we embrace the Walk Without Borders campaign instead! We fundraised with all the intensity of working in the field. It became an obsession to do …

Announcing: Top 20 Peer-to-Peer Events in the Netherlands

By Jillian Stewart • April 28, 2015

Inspired by the “Day of Philanthropy” presented by the VU University of Amsterdam last week on the status of the philanthropy in the Netherlands, we decided it was a good time to release our report about the state of Dutch peer-to-peer fundraising events and reveal the list of the Top …

Is working out your brand positioning and your brand’s target audience a waste of time?

By Matthew Sherrington • November 13, 2014

Well, there’s a provocative question or two. But I’d suggest the answer is yes, it probably is.
It all started with a throw-away comment from a client, that a year after working out their ideal target audience, only 17% of their newly-recruited supporters had actually fitted their desired demographic profile. Bad? …

Question: what do all recent fundraising success stories have in common?

By Charlie Hulme • October 30, 2014

Answer: None of them started with fundraisers!
Fundraisers here at IFC and all over the sector are raving about the spontaneous phenomena of the ‘No make-up selfie’ and the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. But in our wildest dreams do we believe these phenomenon would have happened on the scale they did if …

Those three little words that mean so much…

By Derek Humphries • September 29, 2014

There’s a question that many fundraising folk ask each other at this time of year. ‘Will I see you in Holland?’
Maybe it’s a testimony to the clout of the International Fundraising Congress that it’s become synonymous with a country (or maybe Holland is just shorter to say?) Either way, I …

You can never make a #nomakeupselfie or a cold water challenge-trend. But you CAN be ready for it.

By Beate Sorum • June 23, 2014

It’s the dream of any fundraiser: something just magically raises millions in a few days. Like Nomakeupselfie in the UK, and the cold water challenge that suddenly swept Norway. Literally millions suddenly flowed to unsuspecting charities. The power in these things are that they are sudden, unplanned and that the …

Feel the fear and tell it like it is

By Lucy Gower • April 17, 2014

On one Sunday in April, the streets of London overflow with determination and kindness. This year 36,000 people took part in the London Marathon and many more came to cheer and will the athletes on. If it were possible to bottle goodwill this would be the place to start.
Last Sunday, …