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Panning for gold

By Gavin Coopey • October 3, 2013

Identifying those crucial supporter insights that underpin all great new fundraising products
In preparing for our Innovation Masterclass at the IFC, Andrew Bathgate of Good Innovation, Rob Cummins of ActionAid UK and myself were clear about one thing – At the core of all great innovation is a genuine consumer insight …

This blog is a bit of a rant

By Lucy Gower • January 17, 2013

About 12 years ago I was stopped by a street fundraiser, who asked me to sign up for a Direct Debit. The charity that they were fundraising for will remain nameless. However I had volunteered for them in the past so I was only to pleased to be asked to …

2nd Annual Dutch Fundraising Growth Awards!

By Reinier Spruit • December 3, 2012

Welcome to the second edition of the Annual Dutch Fundraising Growth Awards! Ok, not really an award show, but we’re gonna talk about Dutch market figures, fundraising growth and ranking the best fundraising organizations. And you have to admit, the title is catchy!
I have changed two things compared to last …

Want To Raise More Money? Then Stop Asking For It!

By Charlie Hulme • October 25, 2012

Because the definition of insanity is to repeatedly do the same thing and expect a different result. Up to 40% of new monthly givers in the UK lapse within months of sign up. How much worse does it have to get before we decide to do something about it?! …

Are you really ready for TV fundraising?

By Derek Humphries • October 2, 2012

This is just one of the questions I’ll be helping Master Class delegates to answer at the International Fundraising Congress.
If you’ve ever considered raising money through direct response television, you really need to make sure your organisation is ready for it. This was really brought home to me earlier this …

Protect one of your greatest fundraising assets

By Alison McCants • February 23, 2012

It’s not a killer creative proposition. Or your favourite go-to copywriter. I’m talking about your database.
Databases are often seen as a necessary means to an end, but time and time again I have seen this major asset overlooked even by experienced fundraising teams. Here are just four tips I’ve used …

Who are the best fundraisers in The Netherlands?

By Reinier Spruit • December 15, 2011

Last week the Central Bureau Fundraising (CBF) in The Netherlands released their 2010 overview of fundraising (read it in Dutch or the English Google translation). Most news about these figures is about general market trends, or growth compared to last year, but never ever really gives you an insight you …

The (almost) magic formula of Lifetime Value estimation

By Luca Schippa • November 10, 2011

In a previous blog post, Reinier wrote about the importance of assessing LTV. He brings as an example a corporate case study, and says “It’s not the calculation that is so interesting […]What is most interesting is that this infograpic underlines the importance of using Lifetime Value (LTV) in your …

Crystal ball fundraising: Lifetime Value

By Reinier Spruit • September 26, 2011

Some time ago on the KISSmetrics blog a case study was shown on how to calculate the Lifetime Value of your customer (let’s say donors in our case). You might have seen below infographic already, but it’s such a great and clear example I want to make sure as much fundraisers as …

Google Analytics for Dummies (or Fundraisers!)

By Victor van der Veen • September 12, 2011

This blog is meant for those who use Google Analytics. You can read this if you would like to polish up on your basic Analytics skills. It’s not meant for freaks. Just some basic tips and tricks for those who want to learn about the visitors on their website or …