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Why listening to beneficiaries is more than a moral obligation

By Sarah Carter • October 19, 2018

listening to opinions

Before we get going, let me just dwell briefly on that word ‘beneficiaries’. I wish there was another word, as it carries all kinds of implications of old-fashioned charity. What word do you use to describe the people who benefit from the work you do? I’d love to hear your …

How can fundraising thrive in Brazil?

By Mariana Chammas • July 12, 2018


What is interesting about a country where the giving culture is still developing? A country with thousands of non-profits, many of them volunteer-based and some other trying to figure out the basics of fundraising? At the same time, a country where we can also find many of the big INGOs, …

A Privileged, Middle-Aged, White, Male Has Views on Diversity

By Derek Humphries • May 24, 2018

Diversity (2)

I’m not even sure I should be doing this. And that’s part of the problem. You see, while it’s not at all hard for me to talk about diversity and inclusion, I do find it is hard to do so without getting the odd sneery comment about virtue signalling. Obviously, …

10 Key Characteristics of Top Performing Fundraising Directors

By Reinier Spruit • May 16, 2018

Fundraising Directors are crucial for success. This incredible mastermind, known as Head of Fundraising in some countries, is in control of a massive budget and responsible for providing the organisation with the resources to do what it is supposed to. If you know how complex fundraising management is, you also …

How’s your persecution complex? Mine’s doing fine, thanks.

By Sarah Clifton • May 10, 2018

Sarah Clifton

I’m lucky enough to work in an organisation (and a management team) where fundraising is seen as an essential aspect of our daily work and our shared responsibility as leaders – to serve more children and do more good. But when I made the step from ‘fundraiser’ to ‘management,’ I …

12 qualities of great charity fundraising platforms

By Arko Hoondert • December 11, 2017


Companies like Amazon and Facebook are making online platforms impossible for NGOs to ignore. Organisations like Charity:Water, Heifer International and the National MS Society have peer-to-peer fundraising at the core of their business, and they’re doing phenomenal work.
But what is an online peer-to-peer fundraising platform actually? Is it a community? …

Thinking of investing in segmentation? Be careful of these common and costly mistakes

By Charlie Hulme • November 13, 2017

DV results

Fundraising has never been easy. But it’s never been this hard. So, in an effort to fix the acquisition and retention problem, the sector’s looking for new/better ways to profile and segment prospects and supporters. But (with a handful of exceptions that I’ll share in the next post) no one’s …

What dirty tricks lie in wait for your fundraising behind these doors?

By Meg Gardner • October 30, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween! And while I know that it’s celebrated differently and has different origins and meanings throughout the world (where it’s even celebrated at all), I’m here in the US, and here it’s a whole lot about trick-or-treating. So let’s knock on a …

The 4 best ways to find new prospects for your non-profit

By Joe Garecht • October 18, 2017

Prospects are the lifeblood of your non-profits fundraising program. Without a steady stream of new donor prospects, your non-profit will not be able to raise the money it needs to thrive. Yet, when it comes to prospecting, many organizations try far too many strategies, never able to focus on the …

Fundraisers: Stop being oil & water. Be gin & tonic instead

By Maeve Strathy • October 16, 2017

Imagine this:
You (a fundraiser) go into a meeting with marketing and they have a BIG IDEA. It’s a good one.
And then they say, “You can fundraise with this, right?”
This is not what we would call integration of marketing and fundraising – not at all. Sometimes trying to get marketing and …