101fundraising archive of Best posts Q4 2015

Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q4 2015)

By 101fundraising • December 21, 2015

Just before the holiday season starts we want to present you the best blog posts of the last quarter. And they are good.
Half of this Top 10 is in response to everything that is happening in the UK: lots of relationship fundraising. We’ve also added 3 new bloggers: welcome Jackie Fowler, Whiny Donor and …

Relationship Fundraising: It’s complicated

By Rachel Beer • November 30, 2015

A couple of years’ ago, a wise and brilliant friend, also a fundraiser, said to me over coffee:
‘Relationship Fundraising only needed to be written because the invention of databases meant fundraising could be done on an increasingly large scale. And, because it was on such a large scale, and needed …

Have we reached boiling point? – Why we need fundraising to change

By Richard Turner • November 26, 2015

Apparently if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump out. Yet put a frog in a pot of water and gradually heat it up the frog will not jump out as it boils.
Over a year ago on 101 Fundraising I wrote that the rules of …

How we Raised the $ to Sponsor a Large Refugee Family from Syria

By Rebecca Davies • November 6, 2015

We’re The Ripple Refugee Project, a group of private citizens in Toronto who’ve come together because we want to help refugee families start new lives in Canada.And under Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, that first means fundraising.
Of course, fundraising is only one part of the resettlement process; there are …

Your Inner Fundraising Voice

By Fundraising Yoda • November 3, 2015

~Numerous Jedi Masters have translated this post from Yoda’s unique way of speaking to improve reading ease.~
There is much Dark Side fundraising being done in our sector. Yet no one fundraiser is to blame. Yoda does not know of any fundraiser who is hurting the sector on purpose. Fundraisers are …

Four Things from #IFC2015 That Will Help You be a Better Fundraiser

By Rory Green • October 29, 2015

The Resource Alliance’s International Fundraising Congress is hands down the best investment a fundraiser can make in their career and themselves. Every year, some of the best minds in fundraising gather in Noordwijk to elevate the sector. I had the privilege of attending this year and I came away with …

Donor-centred fundraising – are you prepared to take a leap of faith?

By Jackie Fowler • October 22, 2015

With so much concern about how the charity sector treats donors and those it hopes will become supporters, suddenly the donor is right there in the spotlight. What do donors want? How can we meet those needs – and still ensure we deliver to income targets? What is the best …

Apples and Pears: The Curse of the ROI Fundraising Ratio

By Matthew Sherrington • October 19, 2015

Some years ago, I had a charity Board insist that my fundraising programme should deliver a return on investment, or fundraising ratio, of 4:1; that is, not cost more than 25% of gross income. On the face of it, that would seem a reasonable goal, given the concern donors have …

Where now for fundraising?

By Ken Burnett • October 1, 2015

When fundraising is seen as a public enemy, for sure it’s time to change.
To coincide with last Wednesday’s launch of the Etherington Review* the BBC published a poll revealing that 52 per cent of donors who give regularly to charity by standing order or direct debit feel ‘pressurised’ by fundraisers …

The price we pay for losing sight of the donor

By Giles Pegram • October 1, 2015

I have been somewhat dismayed at the flood of criticisms that are now threatening to engulf our great profession. In my fifty years of fundraising, I have never seen anything like it.
First, the sad death of Mrs Olive Cooke, last May. All the evidence is that she didn’t commit suicide …