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Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q4 2013)

By 101fundraising • December 23, 2013

The very last post of 2013! Thanks again for your visits, likes and shares. It was a fantastic year!
One of our highlights was obviously when 101fundraising was chosen as one of two Best Fundraising Blog honorees in FundRaising Success‘ 2013 Fundraising Professionals of the Year Awards! We’ll summarize more highlights in our annual …

3rd Annual Fundraising Growth Analysis

By Reinier Spruit • December 16, 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Rankings are everywhere. Today we’re looking at a growth ranking of the 224 largest Dutch fundraising non-profits. The data (2007-2012) are provided with the courtesy of the Central Bureau of Fundraising, who will publish their annual report this week.
Like last year, I’ve focused my analysis …

Why Asking and Thanking Donors is All Wrong

By Matthew Sherrington • November 13, 2013

Fundraisers do talk a lot about their donors, relationships, the need (and right) to ask, the importance of saying thank you. The challenge of retention, and the importance of making supporters feel special.  But we are sometimes less respectful, even suggesting that people are duplicitous (which is a rather harsh …

The Smartest Way to Guarantee Mediocre Results

By Rob Woods • October 28, 2013

In the year 2000 my charity employer sent me on a course. Brand new to fundraising, many of the ideas were extremely useful. And I was impressed by a neat system which our tutor gave us to make sure the fundraising goals we set were effective.
You may have been told …

Want Loyal Donors? Then Stop Recruiting Them

By Charlie Hulme • October 21, 2013

Thoughts from IFC 2013
Whichever numbers you look at, from whichever angle you look, retention rates in our sector are appalling. Why? Well have you ever thought that the way we bring people in is what’s making them go out again?
I’m not talking about the channels we use; I’m talking about …

3 things to think about when recruiting fundraisers

By Damian Chapman • October 17, 2013

As someone who has recently gone through the fundraising recruitment machine, I have been amazed at the number of national and large charities who handle recruitment of their fundraisers badly.
Any recruitment agency will tell you that finding the right candidate is all that matters, but bearing in mind that the …

Building a New Lexicon Part 1: Fundraising

By Tony Elischer • October 14, 2013

At the IFC this week I will be presenting a completely new session on changing your mind-set, changing your words and changing the way you think about fundraising. A powerful set of challenges to begin the journey of rethinking what we do.
We train, we read, we study, we connect, we …

We are animals: the case for empathy

By Alan Clayton • October 9, 2013

When on holiday recently in Iceland on a remote, deserted road I saw two sheep being hit by a truck.  I stared aghast as one twitched and quivered in its death throes, paralysed on its back, the second, hind legs, pelvis and spine crushed by giant wheels, trying to drag …

Friendraising, what’s in it for you?

By Vera Peerdeman • October 8, 2013

“Everybody who donates to our organization is a friend to us. We make no difference in how we treat our donors.” It’s about a year ago when Eveline Aendekerk, executive director of dance4life, said this to me. At first I thought she shared this as her ‘vision on fundraising’ to …

The pursuit of happiness (or how to not kill a donor)

By Francesco Ambrogetti • October 7, 2013

There are statistics and numbers that stay on your mind for months and constantly challenge your assumptions. One of the numbers that keeps me awake at night (seriously!) is the ratio 6 vs. 59. Yes, you know, or you should know, this is the % of customer attrition in the …