101fundraising archive of Best posts Q2 2015

Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q2 2015)

By 101fundraising • July 12, 2015

The first 6 months are gone. How are you doing in your fundraising program? Are you on target? Yes? You must be a 101 reader!
The 2nd quarter has brought us something unique. This quarter we had 3 spectacular blog posts from the one and only Giles Pegram. And it’s no surprise …

How to nurture happy fundraisers

By Sarah Clifton • June 22, 2015

We have a unique profession, and one that very few of us plan to choose when we begin our careers. Many of us stumble on to a job as fundraisers, fall in love, and never look back. And because we are not only doing what we’re passionate about, but also …

Think, Feel, Do Major Gift Magic

By Karen Osborne • June 15, 2015

I just finished re-reading “Deep Dive” by Rich Horwath, a book about strategic thinking. It reminded me how important that competency is to successful major gift work.
There are lots of conversations on and offline about the importance of donor engagement. More recently, tons of talk, thank goodness, about donor retention, …

Fundraisers: you need to be one to hire one

By Reinier Spruit • June 1, 2015

Some months ago someone asked me why I spend so much time preparing the right set of questions for an interview panel. I told him that we only have one chance of doing this right. We can cross our fingers and hope to choose the right fundraiser, but if we …

How to be relevant to your donors

By Charlie Hulme • May 28, 2015

Six major international development charities were asked a very simple question; “what’s the reason donor’s support you and not your competitors?” Each gave their answer. A cross section of their donors was asked a similar question; “what’s the reason you give to this charity and not the others?”
Not once did the …

Mid-level donors and the element of surprise

By Maeve Strathy • May 26, 2015

If you knew there was a pile of money that people wanted to give to you that you weren’t getting, wouldn’t you commit some time and energy to getting it?
Yes, fundraisers, I know you would.
Enter intermediate donors… leadership donors… “the muddle in the middle”. Whatever you call them, mid-level donors …

If you want more money, stop asking for it!

By Giles Pegram • May 18, 2015

You can’t do that.
 Last week, Olive Cooke killed herself by jumping off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol UK. The Coroner has not yet established the cause of death, but her family has suggested that she simply couldn’t afford to give to the hundreds of appeals that she received. The …

The State of Relationship Fundraising – A Conversation, Part II

By Giles Pegram • April 20, 2015

This is the second of two blogs looking comprehensively, and provocatively, at the state of relationship fundraising
In the last blog, we defined relationship fundraising, and looked at its implications, strengths and weaknesses.   Today, we build on that, and look at the challenges faced by relationship fundraisers, the lessons we have …

Silver bullets and cross stitch

By Lucy Gower • April 16, 2015

At every conference I have ever been to there has been a session called ‘the next big thing’ and delegates turn up expectantly hoping for a silver bullet that will give them all the answers.
Last week was no different, at e campaigning forum (ecf), digital campaigners, volunteers and fundraisers gathered …

The State of Relationship Fundraising – A Conversation

By Giles Pegram • April 13, 2015

This is the first of two blogs looking comprehensively, and provocatively, at the state of relationship fundraising. In this first blog, we define relationship fundraising, and look at its implications, strengths and weaknesses. In the next blog, in ten day’s time, we look at the challenges faced by relationship fundraisers, …