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Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q2 2014)

By 101fundraising • July 2, 2014

The second quarter we’ve seen 7 new bloggers. And Rory (2x!), Sean, Josh and Joe have jumped straight into the Top 10! We love new bloggers…
Congrats to Reinier for the #1 spot this quarter. A must read!
Read, share, like, tweet, post, but most of all… learn. Enjoy!
(1) The big 5 in fundraising …

If It Were Easy To Do, We Wouldn’t Need You

By Karen Osborne • June 12, 2014

Major gift fundraising at its best can transform an organization.  When an inspired potential donor says, “We have to make that happen,”  “It’s critical that we solve this societal problem,” “How can I help?” incredible philanthropic investments follow.  So why do some of us spend so little time getting this …

You just gotta love older people

By Sean Triner • May 29, 2014

If you are a fundraiser, you just gotta love older people. Fundraisers, on average are pretty young.  Donors, on average are pretty old.  So we have an interesting gap to overcome in communication these fundraisers and donors.
By old I mean around 70.
One solution is to try and make younger people donate, …

ASKphobia: How to Overcome Ask Aversion

By Rory Green • May 26, 2014

What is your biggest fear?
I’ve often heard that more people are afraid of public speaking than of death. In the non-profit world, I think more fundraisers are afraid of asking for money than the death of their organization.
I work in major gifts. I ask people of means to invest large …

How effective is your welcome program?

By Erik van Dorp • May 22, 2014

Many charities have a welcome program in place to keep more donors in, to make them feel welcome or to ask for more money. Whatever the reason you have your welcome flow, there is always room for improvement. So, here’s a simple 10 point checklist that will help you estimate …

Fire Your Donors

By Josh Bowman, CFRE • May 12, 2014

Over the past year, I’ve seen/heard/had a number of discussions around fundraising trends. They tend to revolve around the following topics:

Acquisition ain’t what it used to be, and retention is abysmal. It’s time to really love our donors!
Donor-centred fundraising – do it. You can’t thank these guys enough!
What’s the next …

The BIG 5 in fundraising performance metrics

By Reinier Spruit • May 8, 2014

You might love it. You might hate it. But if you respect your donors and your work as a fundraiser you are likely to spend a few hours per week looking at reports. Those reports will tell you all sorts of things about the behavior of your donors, a.k.a. your …

Not relationships VS results – relationships FOR results

By Rory Green • April 9, 2014

Why do we fundraise? Is it all about the money? Is it all about the donor? Is it all about the mission?
That’s a tough question – and there isn’t an easy answer.
Every single staff person of your nonprofit serves the mission. As a fundraiser, I serve the mission by raising …

Relationships vs. Results

By Margaux Smith • April 7, 2014

This is a tough one.
Since I’ve been working in fundraising, and especially over the past year, I’ve been noticing the similarities and the differences between fundraisers that I really admire.
They all live by the principles of Relationship Fundraising, but some really take donor-love to the next level, while others …

The donor pyramid is no panacea

By Ken Burnett • March 24, 2014

But claimed demise of fundraising stalwart is ‘greatly exaggerated’.
The opening several weeks of 2010 have seen all sorts of opinions bandied about the blogosphere by the fundraising chattering classes. The focus of their concerns this time has been the merits, or otherwise, of that fine institution, our old friend the …