101fundraising archive of Best posts Q2 2013

Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q2 2013)

By 101fundraising • July 5, 2013

The best blog posts of the 2nd quarter are awesome! We have everything in this Top 10: from digital to major gifts and from storytelling to an amazing TED Talk! I am sure you want to read all of them.
And this second quarter Dan is the man with the #1 …

20 symptoms of fundraising trouble

By Reinier Spruit • June 17, 2013

There are a lot of fundraisers out there who are in their comfort zone. They don’t like change; they might be afraid of change.
If you are doing everything right, the need for change is obviously less urgent. However, most of us are not doing everything right. So there is a …

Digital is the ‘New Normal’, so why is digital fundraising still so rubbish?

By Rachel Beer • May 30, 2013

I was on a conference call with someone the other day and they mentioned, “Surfing the web”, and then, immediately, almost embarrassed, added, “who says that anymore?!”
It’s true, no one says that anymore.  We’re online and using digital media so much now we don’t really even call it anything.  It’s …

A DIY workshop for lead conversion: Do try this at home!

By Sarah Clifton • May 16, 2013

In February I met with fundraisers in Amsterdam to brainstorm how we could engage our various supporter relationships (‘leads’ or prospects) to move them to become donors to our organizations.
And while I suspect that most came to the session “Turning Likes into Cash” to hear the closely held secret to …

Don’t forget your pen: Do’s and don’ts of digital fundraising

By Maia Kahlke Mikkelsen • May 6, 2013

I spent my entire summer in a summer course studying digital innovation with a bunch of 19-20 year old university undergrads. Apart from making me feel very, very old, they also taught me a few very valuable lessons.
Watching them all getting writers cramps one by one during the written exam …

We are going down… We have no target!

By Reinier Spruit • April 29, 2013

“Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen… This is your captain speaking… Welcome aboard this flight to somewhere between here and where you actually want to get to. Flight time tonight could be anything from 1 hour to six hours depending on how well we do.
We will be flying at an altitude that we hope …

Return on (fundraising) Talent

By Vera Peerdeman • April 15, 2013

Acquisition, retention and upgrading. Who hasn’t heard of these terms? These are top priority within the policy of each fundraiser, and as fundraisers we know: costs precede profits. Even if the size of our budget poses a challenge, the programmes for acquisition, retention and upgrading are the programmes we wish …

TED Talk: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

By Dan Pallotta • April 2, 2013

This post shares the amazing TED Talk from Dan Pallotta. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it… It’s one of those must see videos!
The TED website writes: “Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are …

How to make a graceful exit

By Kimberly Mackenzie • March 25, 2013

Donors are awesome! I really like them. All of them. We chat in person and on the phone, I’ve been to their houses, met their grandchildren, exchanged preserves, shared food and stories. They write me notes with their donations. I write them notes with their tax receipts. For the most …

The power of video storytelling

By Jonathon Grapsas • March 21, 2013

We all love watching a good video clip. In the last couple of years we’ve been captivated by the likes of charity:water, Kony, and now the zillion versions of the Harlem Shake.
Lots of views, tonnes of excitement, all bringing something a little unique.
Video presents both an opportunity and a threat …