101fundraising archive of Best posts Q1 2014

Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q1 2014)

By 101fundraising • April 2, 2014

Wow, what an amazing content have we seen coming by in the first quarter! That was very clear when we opened Google Analytics: the best 3 months ever in the history of 101fundraising!
Meanwhile, the 101 team has expanded with Elsbeth and Rebecca, and we are committed, more than ever …

Good donors, bad donors

By Francesco Ambrogetti • March 13, 2014

In a series of though provoking articles, the New York Times asked prominent philanthropists and scholars to discuss the status of contemporary giving and charities. Peter Buffet (son of Warren Buffet and Chairman of NoVo foundation) argued against the “conscience laundering” (in his own words “feeling better about accumulating more …

Olympic Edition: fundraise like a bobsledder

By Rebecca Davies • February 20, 2014

When we asked Helen Upperton to fundraise for MSF Canada, we also offered her the support and guidance of our fundraising and communications teams. I figured the two-time bobsleigh Olympian and silver medalist could learn a lot from us. This was raising money, after all, which made us her pilots …

What you must know (and a few things you probably don’t) as an international fundraiser

By Sarah Clifton • February 17, 2014

Philanthropy as we have known it is changing. And while donors continue to focus their time and money on the causes to which they have the most personal connection, our understanding of ‘community’ has evolved so fundamentally in the wake of globalisation that one may have just as much tangible …

25 awesome fundraising quotes

By Reinier Spruit • February 13, 2014

Often we hear great quotes capturing the essence of the message. They are inspiring! They remind us of the important reasons why we work for charity and how we should do it, or how best practice would describe it…
In December I attended The Annual Lectures, where an awesome line-up of speakers …

Are you in danger of becoming a robot fundraiser?

By Rachel Beer • February 10, 2014

What’s the factor that will have more impact on the success of your fundraising campaigns than anything else?
You’d be forgiven for thinking its your charity’s brand, because you’ll so often hear people citing an unappealing or confusing brand or lack of brand awareness as reasons their charity struggles to raise …

What Crowd-funding can teach Fundraisers about Winning

By Matthew Sherrington • February 3, 2014

Yeah, yeah, crowd-funding is the new big fundraising idea. Nothing new there. But I recently did something through Kickstarter. It got me thinking about why it is so exciting. It is simple, tangible, direct, involving and you know exactly what your money buys – yes, all of that. (And it …

Double your digital fundraising – by fixing donation forms

By Beate Sorum • January 27, 2014

If I told you that you could double your digital fundraising quite easily, wouldn’t be stupid of you not to? I think everyone would agree. Yet the sorry state of affairs is this- donation forms suck, and people are not fixing them.
There is this stubborn belief in fundraising, that if …

Why I Don’t Donate To Charity: Water

By Simon Scriver • January 20, 2014

Charity: Water are amazing.
They’ve funded about 10,000 water projects, providing clean water to about three and a half million people. They’re ambitious, they take risks. They share their successes and their failures. They’re transparent. Their website and their use of social media are cool. They are simple and beautiful and …

How Much Money Will You Waste This Year?

By Charlie Hulme • January 16, 2014

2013 was full of negative press about wasteful charities. Much as we refute the claim the fact is we are wasteful; just not of the things we are accused of.
Real waste is the money we spent on PR and strategists who had us cowering rather than robustly defending ourselves. …