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Same, same. But different.

By Jonathon Grapsas • July 2, 2015

I’m likely preaching to the converted here. A group of fundraisers reading an international fundraising blog may not feel there are seismic shifts in the way people behave in different countries.
And they’d be right for the most part.
I started my fundraising career in the UK. Spent chunks of time back …

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

By Joe Garecht • June 25, 2015

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for non-profit organizations.  After running several successful crowd fundraising campaigns, it is my believe that every non-profit, no matter how small or large, can and should run at least one crowdfunding campaign per year for their organization.
While crowdfunding has massive potential, it does take planning …

Are you representing or stereotyping the people you serve?

By Matthew Sherrington • June 4, 2015

“Show a people as one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become”, said author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her thought-provoking TED talk on the danger of telling a single story.
She asks questions about the responsibility to tell more than a single story, about what it means …

Peer-to-peer: fundraising without borders

By Rebecca Davies • May 14, 2015

With a young family, my wife and I decided we couldn’t support Ebola in the field by me going to West Africa, so she suggested we embrace the Walk Without Borders campaign instead! We fundraised with all the intensity of working in the field. It became an obsession to do …

In praise of the transformational fundraising entrepreneur

By Ken Burnett • April 23, 2015

Why we should all adopt the retiring Giles Pegram CBE* as our role model.
The police officer was puzzled. The women driver appeared to be quite annoyed about the fact that he’d pulled her over. Yet there were three children in the back of the car, and none was wearing a …

Make Poverty History Lesson: what can it teach us 10 years on?

By Tony Charalambides • March 19, 2015

You probably remember it much as I do: the white wristbands, the star-studded Live8 concert, the remarkable celebrity ‘finger click’ ads, Blair and Brown and the G8 summit engaged and involved. And all of it geared to one heartfelt plea: Make Poverty History.
In the campaign’s own words that meant: ‘trade …

Catching the Not-for-Profit Goldfish

By Chris Washington-Sare • February 9, 2015

It’s Sunday morning and I’m helping my 9 year-old son with his math homework. 60 sums, 10 seconds each, all in his head. By question 50 he gets frustrated as thoughts of Lego dominate. It’s like pulling teeth getting him to question 60. But I don’t blame him for this …

Why use the ‘WHY’ in 2015?

By Vera Peerdeman • January 19, 2015

Have you heard about the ‘why’? And why it’s so important to find the ‘why’ of your organization in order to raise more money? I guess you do. You’ve probably read about it in books, or heard about it during conferences. You’ve maybe even organized a workshop about it with …

The Ghosts of Christmas Past are a Fundraiser’s Best Friends

By Mark Phillips • December 15, 2014

Christmas is the time when fundraisers get excited about the sound of a man or woman trudging through the snow struggling under the weight of a sack full of gifts. Only for us, it’s the post delivery that gets our hearts beating a little faster. Not the thought of Santa …

Question: what do all recent fundraising success stories have in common?

By Charlie Hulme • October 30, 2014

Answer: None of them started with fundraisers!
Fundraisers here at IFC and all over the sector are raving about the spontaneous phenomena of the ‘No make-up selfie’ and the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. But in our wildest dreams do we believe these phenomenon would have happened on the scale they did if …