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Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q3 2013)

By 101fundraising • October 1, 2013

Yesterday we published the first post in our IFC Series 2013. You’ll love it! And there are 7 more posts to come from IFC speakers before the International Fundraising Congress kicks off in two weeks!
But first… the Top 10 for the third quarter! Again we have a superb list of …

YOU are the reason for your results

By Reinier Spruit • September 12, 2013

Today I want to share what I think is the single most important ingredient for fundraising success. This ingredient can make it, or break it. It’s the multiplier effect. It’s the most powerful element in your fundraising program. Every fundraising program has at least one, some have more, but nobody seems …

The hype over ‘donor journeys’

By Sarah Clifton • August 29, 2013

‘Donor (or supporter) journeys’ is all the buzz in the nonprofit world, with prominent thinkers peddling the virtues of mapping out the donor experience. But as a fundraiser actually working on the front-line of income generation in a difficult financial climate, I’d like to add a critical voice to the …

Hiring good fundraisers: Do you look for the 000 factor?

By Rachel Beer • August 26, 2013

I was speaking to a friend the other day – who used to be a fundraiser and is now a top-notch, specialist recruitment consultant for fundraisers – about what we’d like to improve in fundraising. We had a great chat, but it was with some regret that I recognised the …

How are you managing the Donor Journey?

By Tony Elischer • August 8, 2013

I spend my life ‘on the road’ visiting many different countries and cultures every year and having the huge privilege of experiencing the constantly changing and evolving fundraising sector at work. Every trip is a journey that needs careful planning to ensure that it works smoothly and maximises my time. …

30 Letters That Changed the World

By Rebecca Davies • July 29, 2013

I think that if I was writing fiction instead of remembering something that happened, I would never have given her that dress. – Alice Munro, “Voices”
We’re in the high holy days of Ontariocottaging right now and that means a book review. My selection this year:30 Letters that Changed the World: …

The final straw – I quit

By Lucy Gower • July 22, 2013

In my last blog I told you about my phone call to cancel my regular donation to a charity that I had supported for over 10 years. Jo the person I spoke to on the supporter care line was so helpful and friendly that I decided to continue my support …

Ever considered being a fundraising consultant?

By Vera Peerdeman • July 18, 2013

Our experience is that quite a lot of fundraisers at some point in their careers think about how it would be to transform from being an employed fundraiser to working as a fundraising consultant. But the gap between daydreaming and really taking the step and going into business for yourself …

A simple retention calculation packs a powerful punch

By Anita de Ruijter • July 8, 2013

In my experience, often in fundraising departments no-one actually has the word retention in their job title. Not so for acquisition.  Retention often hides behind the skirts of other programs.  It’s hinted at in words like “direct marketing”, “special appeals”, “supporter services”, “donor communications”.
It’s symptomatic of our approach to retention.  …

How to Make Your Story Stand Out

By Charlie Hulme • June 27, 2013

Everyone in the sector is trying to tell their story. The power of storytelling was showcased earlier this month when 20 well known fundraisers shared tales that had inspired them at SOFII’s ‘I Wish I’d Thought of That’ (or, in my case, ‘I Wish I’d Gone to That’!)
But if everyone …