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7 ‘Big bummers’ for charitable trusts and foundations

By Vera Peerdeman • July 16, 2012

(Or, 7 ways to improve your foundation fundraising skills)
“Why is it, that so many nonprofit organizations send in applications to foundations, without even taking the time to find out where these foundations stand for?” I was having a conversation with Jos Verhoeven, managing director of the Dutch Start Foundation. He …

6 Things you get with friendraising

By Vera Peerdeman • April 23, 2012

“Friendraising is raising money from your friends and family.” This is just one of the replies I got, when I recently asked app. 200 Dutch fundraising colleagues to send me their definition of ‘friendraising’. Well, if this is what friendraising is about, I guess the birthdays of fund- and friendraisers …

Unexpected (?) fundraising tool: your ears as your moneymakers

By Vera Peerdeman • January 16, 2012

“Recently a charity asked me if I had put them in my will. I was astounded and felt insulted by this question. After the conversation I immediately went to my notary and changed my will. I deleted all three of the charities that were in there. My kids are once …

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