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British Fundraising Is in a Crisis – of Courage

By Sean Triner • April 7, 2016

As a fundraiser from the UK it  has been really upsetting for  me to watch how many UK fundraisers have been reacting to the negative press that is focused on charity fundraising.
Fundraising consultant Mark Lawson told me the charities’ reactions were mainly  “…lots of people saying ‘I told you so’ …

I ❤ Premium Direct Mail!!!!

By Sean Triner • July 6, 2015

Choose one:

You love premium direct mail
You hate premium direct mail
Love and hate are irrelevant – what you want is to maximize net revenue and life time value of donors to be able to spend more on the purpose of the charity now and into the future.
You have no idea what …

Finding committed donors from disaster responders

By Sean Triner • April 29, 2015

A devastating earthquake hits Nepal. Many people are killed, and tens of thousands are without shelter, clean water and food. International organisations from nation states, UN and NGOs respond fast.
People all over the world see the disaster on TV, are stirred emotionally and want to help. They want to do …

Brand awareness is King! Or is it?

By Sean Triner • September 15, 2014

Sean Triner discusses why the traditional commercial approach to branding is fundamentally flawed when it comes to fundraising.
I think any money spent on brand awareness by a charity with a view to increasing fundraising income is absolutely and completely wasted.
I emphasise with a view to increasing fundraising income because I …

You just gotta love older people

By Sean Triner • May 29, 2014

If you are a fundraiser, you just gotta love older people. Fundraisers, on average are pretty young.  Donors, on average are pretty old.  So we have an interesting gap to overcome in communication these fundraisers and donors.
By old I mean around 70.
One solution is to try and make younger people donate, …

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