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2nd Annual Dutch Fundraising Growth Awards!

By Reinier Spruit • December 3, 2012

Welcome to the second edition of the Annual Dutch Fundraising Growth Awards! Ok, not really an award show, but we’re gonna talk about Dutch market figures, fundraising growth and ranking the best fundraising organizations. And you have to admit, the title is catchy!
I have changed two things compared to last …

Dutch legacy fundraising: growth figures!

By Reinier Spruit • November 22, 2012

You are a fundraiser, and therefore you like numbers, right? Next month the Dutch Central Bureau of Fundraising (CBF) will publish their annual figures. In this post I’ll give you a sneak preview on the legacy income figures.
The Dutch fundraising market is often labeled as a mature fundraising market. Whether …

Retention Song

By Reinier Spruit • November 19, 2012

If you are really going for retention in 2013 you have to record the Retention Song with your Fundraising team. I’ve especially adapted Bob Marley’s lyrics for everyone to embrace the area of retention. So, just do it. Get out your camera and tape it. It will increase your retention …

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark

By Reinier Spruit • August 16, 2012

Recently I had some fundraisers over to catch up on fundraising developments. They wanted to pick my brain on what I think is “good fundraising” and “where things are going”. These conversations are always interesting, because it helps me shape my own thinking on what is really important to work …

Social Network Fundraising: The Beginners Guide

By Reinier Spruit • May 24, 2012

Social network fundraising works because of two reasons: (1) you are asking your own network, and (2) the fundraising is being done publicly. This combined provides a healthy and effective social peer pressure.
When you were young you probably had to do a sponsor run at school. You had to get …

The 5 fastest growers and their recipe for success

By Reinier Spruit • March 19, 2012

That we all love ‘rankings’ was clear again when last December I posted a ranking of the fastest growers in Dutch fundraising revenue in recent years. The blog post is by far the most read post on 101fundraising so far and got a lot of reactions.
The post didn’t zoom in …

De 5 snelste groeiers en het recept van hun succes

By Reinier Spruit • March 19, 2012

Dat we allemaal gek zijn op ‘lijstjes’ bleek wel weer toen Reinier afgelopen december hier op 101fundraising een ranglijst publiceerde van de snelste Nederlandse stijgers in fondsenwervende inkomsten van de afgelopen jaren. Het betreffende blog werd ‘by far’ het best gelezen artikel van 101fundraising tot nu toe en kreeg enorm …

Climate change needed for donor centric fundraising!

By Reinier Spruit • February 6, 2012

Recently I had dinner with the 5 best fundraising organizations in The Netherlands. This was a follow-up from my previous blog post: Who are the best Fundraisers in The Netherlands? The very same day Ramses Man had picked up my message to start “doing our homework”. We were going to …

Who are the best fundraisers in The Netherlands?

By Reinier Spruit • December 15, 2011

Last week the Central Bureau Fundraising (CBF) in The Netherlands released their 2010 overview of fundraising (read it in Dutch or the English Google translation). Most news about these figures is about general market trends, or growth compared to last year, but never ever really gives you an insight you …

IFC: folding letters and licking envelopes!

By Reinier Spruit • October 17, 2011

Tomorrow one of the most inspirational fundraising gatherings of the world starts right here in The Netherlands: The International Fundraising Congress (better known as: the IFC).
About 1,000 fundraisers from more than 60 countries spend a couple of days in the same building. Talking, learning, sharing, looking, absorbing, listening and consuming …

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