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Who do you think you are?

By Rebecca Davies • April 24, 2014

My eyes follow Maestro’s baton up… and…. down.
SPLEE-AAAAAH! (The cacking sound no French horn player wants to make, also known as a clam.)
Tap tap tapping on the podium. Concentrate. Hear the note you’re aiming for, please. Again. Maestro gives another preparatory beat. I focus entirely on the tip of that …

Olympic Edition: fundraise like a bobsledder

By Rebecca Davies • February 20, 2014

When we asked Helen Upperton to fundraise for MSF Canada, we also offered her the support and guidance of our fundraising and communications teams. I figured the two-time bobsleigh Olympian and silver medalist could learn a lot from us. This was raising money, after all, which made us her pilots …

Stand Up is the new Lean In

By Rebecca Davies • December 9, 2013

My dearest family, friends, fundraisers, and donors:
In his 2010 Christmas letter, a donor wrote Count that day lost whose low descending sun sees at thy hand no worthy action done. This appears in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto, on an imposing stone marking the future resting place of philanthropist …

30 Letters That Changed the World

By Rebecca Davies • July 29, 2013

I think that if I was writing fiction instead of remembering something that happened, I would never have given her that dress. – Alice Munro, “Voices”
We’re in the high holy days of Ontariocottaging right now and that means a book review. My selection this year:30 Letters that Changed the World: …

Fundraise Scared

By Rebecca Davies • February 18, 2013

In 2011, I helped raise $30 million.
In 2012, I helped raise $300,000. And I was just as proud.
This was when I was on maternity leave. Toronto city council voted to close a number of facilities and services for the 2012 budget year, including the High Park Zoo. In existence since …

Ready. Acquire. Aim.

By Rebecca Davies • July 19, 2012

Once, twelve days into a new fiscal year, we threw out the annual plan.
Fundraisers love – and should love – their strategic and annual plans. We need plans. Then sometimes we need new ones. This is a blog post about agile planning, and thinking less linearly about the planning cycle.
Admittedly, …

Delivering a baby, delivering a budget

By Rebecca Davies • May 2, 2012

One morning last December I went to outer space and plucked a star. We named her Beatrix.
She’s our first, and I’d not had much exposure to newborns before. Even less on how to care for one.
Bea and I’ve taken many long walks these past five months (moves management, verily) and …

It’s you, not me

By Rebecca Davies • February 2, 2012

Today’s post is a morsel.
Short and sweet, it’s a petit four or, if you’re more of a savoury person, a piece ofbleu benedictinto finish a sumptuous year of blogging, our crowdblog.
A year ago next weekthe very first blog postwas published on this site. Since then, many more fundraisers have …

Advice to a Professor

By Rebecca Davies • October 6, 2011

September 12, 2011
Dear Mr. Lipsyte,
Loved “The Ask”!
I’ve reviewed it, and wonder if you’d write a few words in response? We in the development world are really curious about your career choice for the protagonist, and how you researched the hard details of the profession.
I know the book has been reviewed …

Hosting my first webinar: lessons learned

By Rebecca Davies • August 15, 2011

Thank you so much for the wonderful chance to really feel a part of what is happening in Haiti! These workers are real, sincere, ordinary people with the right training who work on behalf of our pittance donated to help the people in distress. Thank you so much for having …

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