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The Promise of Customer Service and of Making a Difference

By Karen Osborne • December 2, 2013

Two sides of the same coin.
When we solicit a gift, we are making a promise to our donors.  We promise to manage their money with care.  We pledge to spend it as we agreed, advertised, stated in our appeal.  We promise that the donor’s investment will accomplish something important, change …

Benchmarking and Goal Setting – Is Second Best, Best?

By Karen Osborne • August 19, 2013

My friend Marianne accused me of living in “Karen Land,” a place where everything is perfect and there are no obstructions to success.  “The rest of us,” she said, “live in reality.”  She’s right.  When I speak at conferences and workshops, I paint a picture of what perfect might look …

Speed Dating Is Not the Path to a Great Board

By Karen Osborne • May 27, 2013

A great board should be a force multiplier filled with “connectors to mission-critical constituents” as Jon Glaudemans of Ascension Health says.  People who know and care about our mission and organization.  Leaders who have integrity, grit, empathy, humility and the will to succeed on behalf of the people, beliefs and …

Smiles Lead to More Major Gifts

By Karen Osborne • March 18, 2013

This is not leap, a hop maybe but definitely not a leap. Fact One: Scientists discovered and recently reported in www.wjs.com that smiles reduce stress.
Who knew?

Plot Your Course for 2013 Leadership and Major Gift Success

By Karen Osborne • January 28, 2013

By now, you have crunched your year-end numbers from leadership annual and major gifts and know exactly where you landed in 2012.  What worked, and what didn’t work.  For too many of us, we track progress against goals and compare last year to this year as the ways to measure …

Hire for competencies, train for skills

By Karen Osborne • November 26, 2012

I’m asked all the time, “What should I look for in a great gift officer?”  “How many years of experience should I require?”  “What size gifts should the candidates have closed?”
My response, “Experience is important but competencies are critical.”
With the right competencies, one can teach fundraising and leadership skills.  Without …

Can Thank You Notes be BAD?

By Karen Osborne • September 27, 2012

Just writing them is enough, right?
A few Sundays ago, I read an article in the Jobs section of my local newspaper, “The Journal News,”
“Don’t forget the ‘thank you.’”  The author, Susan Ricker of careerbuilder.com, was discussing the attributes of a good thank you note after a job interview and it …

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