Campaigning and fundraising integration (video!)

By Alfredo Botti
On August 22, 2011 At 2:00 pm

Category : acquisition, campaigns, individuals

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Message from 101fundraising: “This video has been originally produced for the Fundraising Online 2011 conference organized by the Resource Alliance. We gratefully re-distribute this video, and the interesting concept of integrated campaigning and fundraising expressed in the Social Trysumers model, to a wider audience of fundraisers and non-profit marketeers. In the future we’ll hopefully publish more blog posts from Alfredo to get deeper into the topic of bringing donors on board through campaigning, and especially how to make it easier for people to join.”

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Alfredo Botti (1 blogs on 101fundraising)

Alfredo Botti worked as the public campaigning executive for Greenpeace International since July 2007 until July 2009. He entered the organization as Fundraising Director for Greenpeace Argentina in 2005, where he developed and coordinated the Forest Law public campaign, which obtained 1.5 million signatures and 22,000 donors. In August 2006, he became Greenpeace International's marketing manager for the I-go project, a global, online community that fights to defend whales. He has also worked as a fund-raising and new media management trainer, developing public campaigns in the Indian, British, Dutch, Italian and New Zealand offices. Today Alfredo leads his own NGO,, an empowering organization that promotes long term civic action through the generation of a directly-managed programmes portfolio, and the design of campaigns for other organizations, such as diverse Greenpeace Offices, WSPA Asia-Pacific, or the African Capacity Building Foundation, ACBF.

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